History of the journal

The journal Réseaux, Communication, Technologie et Société was created in 1982 by Patrice Flichy and Paul Beaud at the Centre National d'Etudes des Télécommunications (CNET), which published it for nearly two decades.

Initially it was edited by the GDR Communication of the CNRS, which granted Réseaux its scientific label. In 1999, the journal was taken over by the Université Paris-Est and its publication was entrusted to a scientific and technical publisher, Hermès/Lavoisier.

Réseaux has been available on the electronic platforms CAIRN and PERSEE since 2006. It is now published by a social sciences publisher, La Découverte.

It is supported by the CNRS Institut des Sciences Humaines et Sociales (Institute of Human and Social Sciences).



According to the number of citations (Harzing’s h index): Réseaux ranks 5th among French-speaking sociology journals.

It is the leading French-language information and communication journal.