Anne-Sylvie Pharabod

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No 216, 2019/4
No 216, 2019/4

Making room for numbers in self-care

A sociology of self-tracking and quantification practices at different stages of life

Special report: “Quantified Self”

No 216, 2019/4

The Quantified Self in question(s)

A review of the social science literature on individual self-measurement

Special report: “Quantified Self”

No 216, 2019/4
No 177, 2013/1

Setting oneself in figures

An empirical approach to early self-tracking practices

Special Report: Algorithm Policies: Web Metrics

No 145-146, 2007/6

Daily Life Alone

Men and Women in Front of the Screen

No 123, 2004/1

Territories and Thresholds of Family Privacy

An Ethnographic View of Multimedia and Its Use in French Homes