Philippe Le Guern

List of articles

No 220-221, 2020/2

Robots, livestock farming, and technocapitalism

An ethnography of the milking robot


No 184-185, 2014/2

Audiences, Reception and Uses

<i>Réseaux</i> and the Question of the Digital Turn

Special Report: Thirty Years of a Journal

No 172, 2012/2


Music and Technologies in the Digital Era

Special Report: Music and Digital Technologies

No 172, 2012/2
No 153, 2009/1

“No Matter What They Do They Can Never Let You Down”

Between Aesthetics and Politics: A Sociology of Fans, a Critical Assessment

No 141-142, 2007/2

Is Liking Eurovision in Bad Taste?

A Sociological Approach to the French <i>Eurovision</i> Fan Club

No 141-142, 2007/2
No 117, 2003/1

"Canal Plus": More Legitimacy?

The Processes of Cultural Recognition Through the Media and Advertising in the Television Show <i>Nulle Part Ailleurs</i>

No 117, 2003/1