Dominique Cardon

List of articles

No 232-233, 2022/2

Robots vs. algorithms

Prophecy and critique in the media representation of AI controversies

Special report

No 232-233, 2022/2
No 211, 2018/5

Neurons spike back

The invention of inductive machines and the artificial intelligence controversy

Special report: Predictive machines

No 188, 2014/6

The topography of online fame

A structural model of the topical communities of the French and German online space

Special Report: Digital Methods. Quali/Quanti Approaches of Digital Data

No 188, 2014/6
No 177, 2013/1
No 154, 2009/2
No 152, 2008/6

The Design of Visibility

An Attempt to Map Web 2.0

No 152, 2008/6
No 138, 2006/4

Self-Production as a Relational Technique

Building a Typology of Blogs Based on their Audience

No 138, 2006/4
No 137, 2006/3