Fabien Granjon

List of articles

No 184-185, 2014/2

Citizenship, Media and ICTs

Thirty Years of Covalent Bonds (within the Journal <i>Réseaux</i>)

Special Report: Thirty Years of a Journal

No 177, 2013/1

Setting oneself in figures

An empirical approach to early self-tracking practices

Special Report: Algorithm Policies: Web Metrics

No 167, 2011/3

On Some Social Pathologies of Digital Individuality

Exposure of the Self and Self-Reification on Social Network Sites

Special Report: Personal Data and Private Life

No 160-161, 2010/2
No 145-146, 2007/6
No 145-146, 2007/6

Culture and Sociability

Leisure Activities in France

No 145-146, 2007/6

Sociabilities and Working-Class Families

A Socio-Ethnography of Making Contact

No 139, 2006/5