Editorial and archiving policy

Réseaux, communication, technologie, société offers a multidisciplinary approach to the study of communication, not as a separate field but as a dimension of social life. The academic reflection proposed by the journal is intended to accompany technological and especially digital evolutions, by interweaving a combination of field investigation and theoretical elaboration pertaining to, inter alia, productive activities, policy making, reception and uses, informal networks and amateur practices.

The articles are published in French and some are also available in English.

Articles in Réseaux are published under the responsibility of their authors.

Any reproduction of the texts and graphics is forbidden without the editors’ written consent.

The open archive policy of the journal Réseaux is available on Mir@bel and will soon also be on Sherpa Romeo.

Authors have the possibility of posting a reproduction of the final version of their manuscript accepted for publication (before layout) in electronic form, on their personal website or on the website of their academic or scientific institution or in an open archive, one year at the earliest after the date of publication, in accordance with Article L. 533-4.-I. of the French Code de la Recherche. This is subject to the reproduction being distributed free of charge with the complete list of references, in both paper and electronic form (specifically its URL on the Cairn platform).

One year after its publication, the article is freely available on Cairn.info and on Persée for all articles published before 2001.