Christian Licoppe

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No 216, 2019/4

The Quantified Self in question(s)

A review of the social science literature on individual self-measurement

Special report: “Quantified Self”

No 216, 2019/4
No 194, 2015/6

« Appearances », Multiple Greetings and “coucou”

The Sequential Organization of Videophone Conversation Openings on Skype

Special Report: Communication through the Screens

No 189, 2015/1

Gay Casual Hookups on the Mobile Application Grindr

The Deterritorialization of Meeting Places and the Privatization of Sexual Practices


No 184-185, 2014/2

Mediated Interactions and Situated Action

The Revived Relevance of the Praxeological Approaches Derived from Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis

No 182, 2013/6
No 182, 2013/6
No 163, 2010/5
No 156, 2009/4

Shaping the Accessibility of Commuters to Multimedia Mobile Services

The Case of “Advanced” Advertisements through Bluetooth in the Parisian Subway

Special Report: Advanced Uses of the Mobile Phone

No 144, 2007/5

Opening Remote Trials by Videoconferencing

Activity, Performance, and Technology

No 144, 2007/5
No 141-142, 2007/2

What Does it Mean to Answer the Phone?

A Sociology of (Musical) Ringtones

No 135-136, 2006/1

The Conversational Construction of Sales

Returning to the Telephone for Services

No 133, 2005/5

Emerging Uses of Multiplayer Location-Aware Games

Equipped Mobilities in an “Upgraded” Japan and “Screen Encounters”

No 133, 2005/5
No 122, 2003/6
No 116, 2002/6
No 116, 2002/6
No 114, 2002/4

The Evolution of Travel Agency Call Centers and the Internet

Socio-Technical Foundations of Market Coordination

No 112-113, 2002/2

Sociability and Communication Technology

Two Modes of Maintaining Interpersonal Relations in the Context of Mobile Communications

No 112-113, 2002/2
No 106, 2001/2

Shopping by Phone or Internet

Technological Mediation, Forms of Interactions, Commercial Relations, and Consumption

No 106, 2001/2