Franck Rebillard

List of articles

No 230, 2021/6

The television industry

A story of fragmentation and recomposition


No 223, 2020/5

Mediatization as analyzed through the lense of racialization

Antecedents in the USA and trends in French research


No 202-203, 2017/2

The PizzaGate Rumour during the 2016 Presidential Election in the USA

The Documentary Sources of Support for Political Agitation in the Digital World and on the Internet

Internet of the Far Rights

No 176, 2012/6

Is News More Diversified on the Web than on Television?

An Exploratory Comparison between News Websites and News TV Programmes

Special Report: The Internet and News Plurality

No 160-161, 2010/2
No 137, 2006/3

From the Processing of Information to Its Reprocessing

The Publishing of Journalistic Content on the Internet