Liz Carey-Libbrecht

List of articles

No 225, 2021/1

Moderation on social networks

The policies of platforms faced with new content regulation obligations in Europe

Special report: Public policy through the lens of digital governmentality

No 224, 2020/6

A profession of authenticity

The regime of proximity used by video game intermediaries on Twitch and YouTube

Special report: The worlds of video game production

No 218, 2019/6

Smart cities without cities?

Interoperability, data openness, and control of public data in municipal government

No 216, 2019/4
No 216, 2019/4

The Quantified Self in question(s)

A review of the social science literature on individual self-measurement

Special report: “Quantified Self”

No 211, 2018/5

Neurons spike back

The invention of inductive machines and the artificial intelligence controversy

Special report: Predictive machines

No 192, 2015/4

The Internet: A Society against the State?

Informational Liberalism and Political Economies of Self-organization in the Digital Regime

No 189, 2015/1

Privacy and Public Logo

Personal Data Disclosure in the Presence of a Public Institution’s Logo: A Field Experiment

Special Report: Protecting Private Life at the Digital Era

No 188, 2014/6

The topography of online fame

A structural model of the topical communities of the French and German online space

Special Report: Digital Methods. Quali/Quanti Approaches of Digital Data

No 187, 2014/5

Conceptualizing the Diversity of Media Practices

Networks as a conceptual category for research on audiences and publics

No 184-185, 2014/2
No 184-185, 2014/2
No 181, 2013/5

Networked Mobilizations

Hyperlinks as a Resource for Online Collective Actions

Special Report: Activist Networking

No 178-179, 2013/2
No 178-179, 2013/2

What Databases Do to Privacy

The Emergence of a Public Issue in 1960s America

Special Report: The Sociology of Databases

No 177, 2013/1

Algorithmic governmentality and prospects of emancipation

Disparateness as a precondition for individuation through relationships?

Special Report: Algorithm Policies: Web Metrics

No 177, 2013/1

Setting oneself in figures

An empirical approach to early self-tracking practices

Special Report: Algorithm Policies: Web Metrics

No 176, 2012/6

Is News More Diversified on the Web than on Television?

An Exploratory Comparison between News Websites and News TV Programmes

Special Report: The Internet and News Plurality

No 154, 2009/2

Self-representation and digital identity

A semiotic and quali-quantitative approach to the cultural empowerment of the Web 2.0

Special Report: Web 2.0