Alexandre Mathieu-Fritz

List of articles

No 218, 2019/6

The smart city at work

Socio-technical intermediation and data sovereignty in local government

Special report: City administration and information technology

No 207, 2018/1

Teleconsultation in mental health

Or how to establish a therapeutic relationship online

Telemedicine in practice

No 207, 2018/1
No 178-179, 2013/2

Doctors and the Single Electronic Health Record

Analyzing the Piloting of the Personal Medical Record (<i>Dossier Médical Personnel – DMP</i>)

Special Report: The Sociology of Databases

No 151, 2008/5

When Hospitalized Patients Become People (Again)

The Use of Logbooks in Intensive Care

No 121, 2003/5

Relational Skills in the Application of Court Rulings

Sociological Analysis of Court Bailiffs' Actions in the Context of Debt Recovery